3. Set alarm

3-1. Basic alarm feature overview

The basic alarm feature includes normal alarm function (set alarm time and repeat alarm on set days) and more.
Note: To save the alarm time and frequency, you have to connect the cloudiss app to your cloudiss.

  • Alarm time
    You can set the alarm time as you wish.
  • Repeat day
    You can set what days of the week the alarm will repeat.
  • Alarm schedule title for text to speech
    This title will be read out loud when you stop the alarm.

Once the alarm time is set and stored in cloudiss, the alarm will sound even if your cloudiss app is not running or your smartphone is turned off.

3-2. Setting the alarm


Follow these simple and easy steps to set a basic alarm.
Tap the [+] button on the top-right of the basic alarm screen.
screen shot of basic alarm setting

1. Set the alarm time

Swipe up and down to the time you would like to set.
screen shot of basic alarm set

2. Day repeat (option)

If you would like to repeat the alarm on a specific of day of the week, tap the [Repeat] section and select the day of the week the alarm will repeat on the next screen. Then tap [✓] to save or [x] to cancel setup.
schreen shot of day of the week selector

3. Title (optional)

Tap the [Title] section and enter the title that will be read out loud when you stop the alarm. The title has a limit of up to 50 characters. Then tap [OK] to save or [Cancel] to cancel.
screen shot of title editor

Finish setting the above values, then tap [✓] to save and store in cloudiss or [x] to cancel setup. After the alarm is saved correctly in cloudiss, a [Completed] message will displayed.

3-3. Edit, activate/deactivate and delete alarms

Make sure your cloudiss app and cloudiss are connected when you would like to perform the below commands.

3-3-1. Edit alarm

To change stored alarm time, repeating day or title, tap thee alarm time you would like to edit and go to the alarm edit screen. Follow the instructions in chapter 3-2.

3-3-2. Activate or deactivate alarm

If you would like to keep the alarm settings but deactivate temporarily, you can switch the activate/deactivate slider on the right of each alarm time.

When you create new alarm without repeat days, it will be deactivated automatically after the scheduled time.

3-3-3. Delete alarm
There are two ways to delete an alarm.

  • Delete from the alarm list
    a. Tap the [-] icon and a red [-] will show on the left of each alarm time.
    screenshot image for delete alarm
    b. Tap the red [-] next to the alarm you would like to delete.
    c. Tap [Delete] for final confirmation.
    screenshot image of delete confirmation
    to exit delete mode, tap [-] (not the red one) again.
  • Delete from edit screen
    a. Tap the alarm time you would like to delete.
    b. Tap [Delete].
    screenshot of delete alarm from edit
    c. Tap [OK] on the confirmation dialog window.